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Welcome to St. Mary's Catholic School

What’s Happening This Week at St. Mary’s

St. Mary's School is now enrolled in the Criminal Records Review Program Online Service. This makes it easier to submit and no paperwork necessary!
To submit an online request to have your CRC submitted please go to this link:

Access Code: UQK6M5LV57

Wednesday - Pancake Breakfast 7:30-8:20
Wednesday - K-grade 4 to see play Wizard of Oz by Vanderhoof Children's theatre
Wednesday - Choir practice at lunch
Wednesday - Christmas concert practice 2:30-3:45pm
Thursday - Mass Practice
Thursday - Speech Arts at lunch
Friday - School Mass led by the grade 5 class
Friday - Panago Pizza for Hot Lunch
Sunday - Third Sunday in Advent

Thank you,

Brent Arsenault
St. Mary's School