General Information

School Begins: 8:20am
Morning Recess: 10:00am - 10:15am
Lunch: 11:30am - 12:10pm
Dismissal: 2:20pm

Admission Policy

Priority is given to children of Catholic families who participate in the faith life of the community. Many people of other faith backgrounds are also members of our school community. We do require full participation in all aspects of our school life by all students.

Tuition Policy & Monthly Rates

Group one independent schools only receive 50% funding from the Ministry of Education. Our school charges a tuition fee to make up some of that short fall.

1 Student - $270/month
2 or more Students - $395/month


The Catholic Independent Schools in Prince George have their own contracted busing. There are three buses operating in most areas of the city. Details are available at the school office. All students riding the bus must be registered. Students requiring busing must register for the whole year and pay the monthly busing fee of $90.00 per student or $120.00 for families of two or more whether they take the bus every month or not. The school has to pay the busing system approximately $140.00 per student every month for students who register and we have to pay it each month whether they continue or not.

For enquiries about the route, please contact Diversified Busing at or phone 250 563-5431.

Dress Code

Every student at St. Mary's Catholic School is expected to wear a dress code. Some items of this dress code can be bought at the department stores in Prince George or can be ordered on line at Cambridge Uniforms  (St. Mary's School-Prince George school code JOH128). Sizing samples are available at the school office! Instructions for setting up your account can be found in the Uniform Welcome Letter from Cambridge Uniforms.